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Founded in 1981, the University of Macau (UM) is an international public comprehensive university in Macao, with a multicultural campus and a system of whole-person education underpinned by faculties and residential colleges in an international education setup. 80 per cent of its faculty members are from outside Macao. With English as the main medium of instruction, the university is committed to producing creative and socially responsible graduates with a global mindset and international competitiveness.

Faculty of Business Administration is a distinctive flagship business school with key responsibilities in business and management education and nurturing leadership talents for the development of Macau and beyond. We provide student-centered education with strong real-world business element through innovative technology-enhanced teaching and learning. Our programmes cover both traditional and emerging subjects in business and management, ranging from Accounting, Finance, Business Economics, Information System Management, general Management, to specialised Integrated Resort Management. We further help our students develop a global mindset and build knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to succeed as global citizens.


The Master of Science in Finance Programme at the University of Macau was launched in 2009 and taught by the internationally recognized scholars of the Faculty of Business Administration. It is designed as a series of skill-building courses and character-broadening experiences. The intention of the programme is to offer an opportunity to qualified students who also have strong mathematical background to study an advanced degree in Finance. In addition, students who are in pursuit of higher academic qualifications would be equipped with research capability.

Our focus on quantitative skills can prepare students for both work and further study. Courses will be structured and designed to link taught materials with motivation of independent thinking. There are industry related courses in areas such as banking and corporate finance, and also courses related to research methods to enhance research skills of students. We also provide Financial Technology related course, covering topics in FinTech financing, financial innovations, and etc. In addition, our programme maintains a good relationship with CFA institute as some of our faculty members are Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) and our BSc in Finance is recognized by CFA Institute under its University Affiliation Programme.

The current Programme Coordinator is Prof. Susan Jinjuan REN.


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